Boho Silver Coin & Shell Choker Necklace - Use as Necklace or Anklet

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For beach life inspired fashion just add this unique shell choker with silver coin pendants.

  • Coin Shell Necklace & Anklet
  • Style: Bohemia
  • Pendant Size: 1.7cm
  • Notes: 1 Pair Bracelet OR Anklet
  • Length: Chain length 92cm (As the picture shows)

Shell chokers are a great way to show your inner bohemian spirit

  • If you have that wild child inside you  - no matter how deep inside - and uninhabited beaches attract you - then feel free spirited &  add this beachy Boho inspired shell choker to your look.
  • Looks amazing against your skin.
  • A shell choker with silver coin pendants is eye-catching & fun.

A beach inspired style is mainly about the free spirit, peaceful mind and individualism.

Nature inspired jewelry represents freedom.

Be Creative !

Add an anklet to your fun bohemian inspired look.


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